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Provider FAQ:

-Advertising Info & Benefits
-Register as a Service Provider
-Login or Retrieve Password


1. Q: How do I sign up to advertise, and how much does it cost?
  A: To register your Service Provider advert with us is an automated process that can be done via the website, simply click the "Register as a Service Provider" link on the website front page. Advertising is totally free, but there are a number of paying options to maximise your exposure.
To read about the added benefits of paid advertising, and the costs - click here.
2. Q: Help! I've registered my advert, but I can't seem to log in.
  A: Your advert might not be activated yet. Once you completed the initial registration steps, an email will be sent to the email address you specified with a link that you need to click, or copy/paste into your web browser and visit, to verify that you are indeed the owner of the advert. Once that step is completed, you'll be able to log in and update your advert details.
3. Q: Help! I've registered AND activated my advert, but I STILL can't log in.
  A: The 1st step is to NOT press enter after you've filled in your login details, but rather click the login button to log in.
Otherwise, if you did get confirmation on the activation page that your advert was successfully activated, and did not see an error displayed - you might be locked out of the system for too many failed login attempts, please contact us for assistance.
If you did see an error displayed, rather try and copy/paste the link into your browser to re-try the activation process. If there's still an error, please contact us for assistance.
4. Q: Help! I've registered and activated my advert, but I forgot my password.
  A: On the login page, simply enter the email address that you used for registration in the password retrieval box and click the "Submit" button. An email with your password will be sent to your email address.
5. Q: I've logged in, and was taken to a page with a lot of red crosses and a check box... now what?
  A: Congratulations! You can now complete all the missing details on your advert. By using the navigation menu near the top of the page, you can now visit all the relevant sections, complete the details, and mark it active to show up on the Veil & Garter website.
6. Q: On my advert update page are fields marked as "New password" & "Confirm new password" in the Login Details section - what's that about?
  A: Those fields are there to use if you want to change your password at any stage. Simply type in your new desired password in both fields and click the "Save new password" button to change your password.
7. Q: In the Login Details section of my advert update page, I'm told that I can't change my email address, but I desperately need to - how do I go about changing it?
  A: Unfortunately, only the website administrators can do that, as it is a security feature. Please contact us for further instructions, should you require your email address changed.
8. Q: I clicked the "Save All Details" button, but nothing happens - is that normal?
  A: No, the website will tell you with a message box if all your details were successfully saved, or if there were any errors. Make sure that all required details were completed. If you missed a required field, it should be marked with a red asterisk like this: *
9. Q: When I try to click the "Advert Currently Inactive" checkbox, it won't let me, and tells me that I have no active categories, or other details are still missing. What am I doing wrong?
  A: To add a category, you need to select the main category from the drop-down box first, and then the sub-category from its drop-down box. After you selected those you need to click the "Add Category ->" button to add it to the Active Categories box.
To remove a category from your Active Categories box, select the category first, and then click the "Delete Category" button.
10. Q: What are the "Advert Contents: (Body)" and "Keywords" fields for?
  A: The "Advert Contents: (Body)" field is to tell potential customers more about your business. Here you can add your own personalised message for young couples, on why they should choose your business.
The "Keywords" field is to add relevance to your advert. For example: the website will look at your keywords, and weigh your advert based on relevance when people do a search on certain keywords or view certain content.
11. Q: How important are the keywords really? I don't feel like adding any, as I've already added my advert to the relevant category...
  A: Keywords are VERY important and helps with the overall rotation and listing of your advert on the site. The Veil & Garter website works very much like the search engine, and is always looking for other relevant content to display around the main content.
For example: if a bride is reading an article about wedding cakes on the website, the website will look for service provider adverts listed in the wedding cakes category, and with the relevant keyword like "wedding cakes, cakes, 3-tier" if they also appear in the article, and display the advert listings.
12. Q: Alright, so the site works like google.. but how do I know that my advert & listing is being rotated and seen by potential customers?
  A: On your advert update page, at the bottom-right is the "Advert Statistics" section. Here you will find the following information:
Listing Views: (the amount of times your listing was displayed on any website page)
Listing Clicks: (the amount of times that anyone clicked on your listing to view your advert)
Enquiries sent: (the amount of times someone sent you an email via your contact form on your advert page)
Website link clicks: (the amount of times someone clicked on the "Visit our website" link on your paid advert)
Banner Statistics: (if you have an active banner, it displays the amount of views and clicks for each banner.)
13. Q: I've updated my advert successfully, but I can't find it on the website... what's missing?
  A: On the "Ad Manager Home" section is a checkbox that reads: "* Advert Currently Inactive." Clicking this checkbox places your advert on the website, and makes it searchable by the website's internal search engine - if it's not checked, your advert will simply not show.
14. Q: I've updated my advert successfully, but some of my information doesn't display?
  A: For free advertising, some info like your website link & images don't display to the public, although you can still add the info on your update page. For more details on the differences between free and paid adverts, click here.
15. Q: Why do you use an email form, rather than just displaying my email address on my advert?
  A: For Spam-prevention purposes. We hide your email address using the form method, to stop "website crawlers" from farming your email address, and filling up your inbox with junk email.
16. Q: Using a form for spam-prevention is nice, but what prevents the spammers from simply using the form?
  A: Our development team has built in some spam-filtering software to stop any spamming from occurring via the email forms. We keep our development team in a dark room, cut off from the rest of the world, and feed them caffeine all day. So they are constantly working hard to improve their spam-prevention software.
17. Q: How do I upload my logo & product images to my advert?
  A: The image upload page can be accessed via the navigation bar near the top of the page. If you have not previously uploaded images, the images will display a default broken image thumbnail. Simply click on the thumbnail to open the image upload window.
18. Q: I'm clicking on the thumbnails, but I see no window appearing?
  A: the window that opens is a pop-up window, and many web-browsers and internet security software block pop-up windows. You can disable the blocker for our website in your browser or internet security software. Also, if you have Javascript disabled in your web-browser, you'll have to enable it for our site in order for the image editor to work.
19. Q: I have the image editor window open, but I'm as lost as a penguin in the Kalahari... what do I do?
  A: The process is quite simple, and is only 3 steps:
1. Select an image file on your computer hard drive, and load it..
2. cut out what you don't need, if necessary...
3. Save the finished image file to our web server.
20. Q: Well that sounds simple, but how exactly do I go about performing those steps?
  1. To load the image, click the "Browse..." button. A window will open up allowing you to browse your computer's hard drive, select an image, and click the "Open" button that window. Once you've selected the image, click the "Load Image" in the image editor window. Your image will now display in the image editor.
  2. To cut out what you do not need in the image (if you want to), drag your mouse over the image to create a selection rectangle. Drag and position the selection on the image so that everything you want to keep is inside the rectangle, and then click the "Crop Selection" button to cut everything outside the rectangle off.
  3. When you are happy with your image you have, you may click the "Save to web" button to upload and save the image to the website.
    If all is well, you'll be shown a message that the upload was successful. The image editor window should close by itself, if it doesn't please close it via the hyperlink provided.
21. Q: I've uploaded an image, and got a message that it was successful, but it doesn't show on the advert update page. What's wrong?
  A: Nothing is wrong, simply click the "Refresh Images" button, to tell the page that there's a new image uploaded, and it should show up.
22. Q: What are the little text boxes under each product picture for?
  A: Those boxes are to add descriptions for each image - the descriptions are totally optional, so you may simply leave them blank if you'd like you images to speak for themselves.
23. Q: The images that I'm uploading are quite big, and I don't want them to distort my advert... what can I do?
  A: You do not need to worry about that, as our diligent developers have once again found a solution for you. The website uses cutting-edge imaging technology that seamlessly resize your images for you, and display them in the best possible quality, while leaving the original image intact and unmodified. Your product thumbnail images even click through to a larger image without you having to do any retouching of your images.
24. Q: I've done & saved everything on my advert update page, how can I quickly preview it to see what it looks like to the public?
  A: On the Ad Manager section of the advert tools, just below the Activation checkbox, you'll see a hyperlink that reads: "View Advert in new window" - simply click it to open a new browser window to your live advert. It opens a new window, so that you can just close it once you've looked at it and not have to leave your advert update tools. You can click it again once you've made changes to your advert, and saved them, in order see what the changes that you've made look like.
25 Q: I've encountered a situation or error that is not listed in these Frequently Asked Questions... how can I get it listed here to help others?
  A: We would really appreciate any input you may have, please feel free to contact us with your findings, questions & comments.


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