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Different Types of Advertising offered:

1. Free Listings:

Advertising on the Veil & Garter has always been, and will always stay free. Therefore, as new management of the Veil & Garter website, we've decided to keep the free advertising option active on a trial-based model.

Free listings are signed up, activated and updated by the Service Providers themselves, via the website's secure login facility and advert toolset.
Service Providers can simply follow this Registration Link to start the automatic process.

Free listings will still be displayed throughout the website, and within the search facilities, based on relevance.
However, paying clients will automatically be given preference over free listings, and based on relevance, paid for adverts will be displayed 1st, followed by all the relevant free listings.
Information displayed in free adverts will be restricted both in amount of information & type of information displayed. Service providers going for the free option can still use the same tools to update their adverts, and although all options are available to use, only a few will be displayed to potential clients. Please see the list below...

Free listing display details:

  1. Service listing in only 1 category.
  2. Listings will be displayed in grey, with small text.
  3. Service description restricted to 100 characters on the listing search pages.
  4. No company logo is displayed on listing pages.
  5. Free listings will be displayed below paying clients' listings on listing search pages.
  6. Service description restricted to 250 characters on the detailed advert page.
  7. No company logo or product / services pictures or their descriptions are displayed. However, we still allow you to play with our online image editor and upload your logo & product pictures in the advert update page.
  8. No website address or any other contact details will be displayed.
  9. Free adverts are restricted to 2 Free email enquiries.
  10. No direct email enquiries will be sent to your email address, enquiries are only added to your Enquiry Manager application.
  11. Advert keywords restricted to 60 characters in the advert update page.
  12. Statistics on your free advert can be viewed from your advert update page. (Amount of listing views, listing clicks & service enquiries)

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2. Paid advertising listings:

The benefits of paid advertising is vastly superior to free advertising, by unlocking all restrictions on adverts and listings. Paid customers are given preference in all aspects, from priority in the search queue, to the actual display of your advert. Please see the list of details below...

Just like Free Listings, subscription adverts are also registered and updated by the service providers themselves via the website login & advert toolset system.
A paid subscription is basically a (very) upgraded free listing, see the added & extra benefits below:

Paid listing display details:

  1. Rotation in the "Featured Service Providers" list on the website home page.
  2. Service listing in up to 4 categories.
  3. Paid listings will be displayed in vibrant colour to stand out, with bigger, more legible text, together with image thumbnails on listing search pages.
  4. A service description teaser of more than 450 characters in the listing.
  5. Company logo & product thumbnails are displayed within the listing on the listing pages.
  6. Paid listings will be displayed above free listings on relevant and listing search pages.
  7. Service description of up to 7000 characters on the detailed advert page.
  8. Choice of 6 different layouts & 14 different colour schemes for the detailed advert page.
  9. Display of company logo, and up to 6 product & services pictures on the detailed advert page, with click-through to larger images - complete with their descriptions.
  10. Display of all contact details, including website address link.
  11. Unlimited amount of service enquiries can be received.
  12. Email will be sent directly to your email address from your advert page, in order for you to contact potential clients immediately.
  13. Advert keywords of more than 200 characters can be added to your advert.
  14. Statistics on your advert can be viewed from your advert update page. (Amount of listing views, listing clicks, service enquiries website address clicks & banner statistics.)
  15. Specials & Promotions section that will be rotated on the front page of the website.

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3. Banner Advertising:

The Veil & Garter is now offering the option of banner advertising for all!
Banners are now rotated throughout the Veil & Garter website, offering extra exposure to those who want it. All banners are tracked, and their views and clicks recorded. We can use existing banners, or we can even design them for you. See the list of details below...

  1. All banners are tracked, and their views & clicks recorded and made available.
  2. You specify the web address for your banner to click through to.
  3. You can send us your own banner, or we can custom design it for you for a modest fee. (Submitted banners need to follow the dimension specifications though)
  4. There is no restriction on the amount of different banners that you can run.

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Advertising Pricing:

4. Paid Advertising Pricing:

Our mission with the Veil & Garter is to supply engaged couples with valuable information, and also to supply the wedding industry with the best value for money. Thus, you'd find that our advertising rates are quite modest - and we'll be striving to keep it that way in future.

Package Price (ZAR)  
Paid Advert only:
6 months paid advert: R 418.60
12 months paid advert: R 785.80
24 months paid advert: R 1583.20
Banner only: (each)
6 months banner rotation: R 264.60  
12 months banner rotation: R 499.80  
24 months banner rotation: R 899.60  
Paid Advert + Banner Combo:
6 months advert + banner: R 662.70  
12 months advert + banner: R 1221.30  
24 months advert + banner: R 1990.80  
Graphic Design Services:
Banner design & implementation (optional): R 349.00 once off  

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Subscribing Procedure:

5. Procedure to Subscribe & Documentation:

Follow these simple steps to subscribe to to the Veil & Garter website:

  1. If you haven't set up your free trial advert yet, please do so by Registering as a Service Provider here.
  2. Download the documentation in the link below these instructions.
  3. Print out, complete, sign and fax the documentation back to us at (+27 11) 793 2793
  4. ONLY complete the Debit Order agreement section if you'd like to pay by monthly debit order
  5. If you selected the Debit Order option, your advert will be upgraded on receipt of the signed debit order and advertising agreement.
  6. Otherwise, if you selected the EFT method, you will be issued an invoice on receipt of the completed advertising agreement, and your advert will be upgraded upon receipt of official proof of payment.
  7. If you wish to have a banner designed by us, an invoice will be generated for the banner design, regardless if you selected the debit order method for your advert.

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More Information:

6. Advert General & Technical Information:

The Veil & Garter is a totally dynamic website, which means content is displayed based on user input e.g. searching for Service Providers. The advert pages are run in the same way, and search results are based on the advert content.

Due to this dynamic nature, advertising costs on the Veil & Garter are greatly reduced, as Service Providers update & manage their own adverts with the online toolset that's provided. Service Provider pages are built in a web-standardised format, complete with the keywords & description entered by the Service Provider - thus making the advert a complete mini-website, which can be marketed on any external search engine such as Google & Ananzi by simply supplying the search engine with the web address of your page, as displayed in your web browser when viewing your advert.

Due to unwanted presences on the internet that farm websites for email addresses used for unsolicited email purposes (spam emailing), we've supplied an email form instead, thus keeping the Service Provider's email address safe.

The website has also been given a technology overhaul, with the latest encryption & security technology to stop hackers from obtaining out Providers' details.

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