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Just In Case

It may be your wedding day, but who`s to say that those stockings won`t run and that lipstick won`t smudge? We`ve put together a little `what if` bag to prepare you for every eventuality.

It`s easier to think that nothing could possibly go wrong with you or your dress on your big day, but it is better to be prepared. Even the smallest mishap can put a bit of a damper on the festivities. Here`s a list of must-have items for you to pack into your pretty SOS bag...

Make-up matters
You may have your make-up professionally done, but unless the make-up artist has some magical `long-life` cosmetics, chances are your face will need a bit of a touch up. Take along a small make-up kit with a few products such as lipstick, lipliner, mascara, compact face powder and a cover stick. If your nails have been painted, keep the bottle spare in case you have a chip to cover up later. A nail file is also a good idea.

Hair affair
A hairbrush or comb and extra hair clips and hair spray are definite musts for unruly strands that may break free during the day.

Mend it!
It only takes one unsightly nail sticking out of a door to loosen that hem or cause you to lose a button. Organise a spare button or two from your dress designer and take along a little mending kit with a needle, thread and some safety pins for just in case. As far as runs in your stockings or pantyhose go, either take along an extra pair or use clear nail varnish to stop the run in its tracks.

Medicine kit
Nothing will spoil your day more than a severe headache or upset stomach, so take along some pain tablets and a little antacid. Eye drops are also a good idea to keep those eyes clear and bright.

If you wear contact lenses, don`t forget your contact lens case, cleaning fluid and a spare pair of lenses. Chalk is also great for covering lipstick smudges on clothes. A pen and notepad may come in handy, as will a small vanity mirror and tissues. And, don`t forget to pack some deodorant or perfume and breath mints to keep you smelling rosy all day!

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