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Honeymoon Tips

Pack for your Honeymoon at least a week in advance. If pressed for time, try to at least be totally packed on the day before your wedding. This way you won`t have to worry about what to take with you on Honeymoon, on what could be the most hectic day of your life - your wedding day.

If you are one of the lucky people who possess one of those hard, molded suitcases, it could be a blessing in disguise. If the re-inforced sides are reasonably flat and you can get your hands on a little travel iron with a universal plug adaptor to take with you on Honeymoon- VIOLA! You have a portable ironing board! Yes, a very bizarre suggestion but, practical nonetheless. By placing a towel on top of your suitcases` closed lid and using a warm - NOT HOT- travelling iron, you can remove even the most stubborn creases from your once neatly packed clothes. (Unless of course you are `going bush`, where finding a source of electricity is a challenge.)

Crease resistant garments are a godsend they can be packed and unpacked in virtually the same condition. Unpack as soon as you arrive. If they do have a few minor creases in them, hang them in a very steamy bathroom and the creases should just fall out.

Take a small first aid kit with you for `just in case`. Plasters, antihistamine cream, bug spray and Mercurochrome are mainstays (you never know when you may need them, particularly when in a totally unfamiliar place, where you don`t speak the language.)

Once you have decided where to go on Honeymoon, you should find out whether you need to have any special vaccinations before you leave. You can get this information from your travel agent or from the airline you are using.

If your flight is going to be a long one, remember that flying dehydrates the body. This doesn`t mean that you should get horribly drunk, because alcohol can also make you feel worse. Drink a lot of soft drinks and fruit juice, as well as a few bottles of water.

Along the same lines - try to eat a light meal on the plane, as too much food and drink makes jet-lag even worse.
When visiting tropical areas, avoid buying or eating food from any outside vendors. If you do, you can expect many explosive trips to the bathroom, often at the most inopportune times - not the best place to spend your Honeymoon. Only eat the food that the hotel chefs have prepared - it is safer than eating any food you have had to buy. It is also wise not to drink the water from any taps - use bottled water and make sure that the safety seal has not been tampered with.

If you are on a tight budget, resist the urge to use room service as this could add more than you expect to your hotel bill!

You should apply for your travel visas well in advance. Government agencies are notorious for their long queues and inconvenient visa refusals.

Set your mind at rest; hidden surprises are unwelcome when discovered at the last possible minute. Confirm all details of your honeymoon at least three weeks before you are due to leave. Remember, you can always ask your travel agent for a confirmation sheet. If they are unable to provide you with one, then, just to be on the safe side, re-confirm all the details telephonically three days prior to departure.

Try to find out if the country you are visiting has any special traditions that you will be expected to keep. For example, in certain countries like Spain, you will not be permitted to enter any of their beautiful, old churches if you don`t have a scarf to cover your head with. Showing too much skin is also frowned upon in a couple of places, you don`t want to offend the natives!

Make sure that your travel agent knows you are on your honeymoon. This information may get forwarded to the airline or hotel you are staying at. Some airlines automatically upgrade your seats or give you a special status. Maitre D`s may seat you at a more romantic table and hotels may send complimentary goodies to your room. Don`t depend on it though, and you may need to take your marriage certificate along with you as proof.

Post Honeymoon
If your trip is a disaster, you are fully entitled to complain to the parties concerned. These may include the travel agents, the airline or the hotel/resort you were staying at. If your trip was a raging success, you should also speak to these people and compliment them on the services you received while you were away.

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