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Hair affair - what you need to know

You`ll be surprised at how a little `know how` can go a long way to shinier, healthier locks.

Your hair can say a lot about you. And the last thing you want it to blurt out is, "Yes, I feel as bad as I look". If given the proper care, even the most uncooperative tresses can glow with health. You just need to know your stuff and implement some tough hair care tactics.

Simply shampoo
Using a good shampoo is the first step to healthy hair. Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • The best shampoo`s are those with an acidic or neutral pH. They help to shrink the hair cuticles, smoothing them and making the hair generally stronger and shinier. A pH level of seven indicates a neutral product (perfect for normal to oily hair), while a lower level is more acidic (ideal for damaged or treated hair).
  • Alkaline shampoo`s, which have a pH above seven, aren`t necessarily the best choice, they swell and weaken the hair shaft, resulting in a dull look.
  • It`s a good idea to use several brands of shampoo on a rotation basis. This helps you achieve a balance between conditioning shampoo`s and pure cleansing ones.
  • Also, try washing every two to three days instead of daily.
  • There`s no need to use a separate conditioner of you already use a conditioning shampoo. Conditioning shampoo`s contain extra ingredients to provide shine, body and better manageability. (In fact, most shampoo`s contain around 15 ingredients, as opposed to conditioning shampoo`s` 25 or more.)
Classy conditioning
There are generally three types of conditioners available:
Instant - These conditioners are usually left on for one to two minutes before being rinsed off. Their function is to coat the hair shaft and flatten the cuticle, creating volume and shine.
Deep - Thick emulsions, these types of conditioners can be left on the hair for up to half an hour. They are responsible for restoring moisture and protecting the hair.
Crème rinses - These are mainly used to prevent knots and tangles. Watch out for the alkaline based ones though, as they can dry your hair out.

Gently does it...
Using quality hair care products is one thing. A gentle approach to the way you handle our hair is quite another. Take note:
- Hairdryers, rollers, and curling tongs and/or brushes can dry out or even burn your air. Try limiting your use of them if possible.
- The best heat settings on a hairdryer are low and medium. It`s also a bad idea to blow dry very wet hair as the extra heat required will dry out your hair and create split ends.
- It`s best to use a natural-bristle brush and not to brush your hair too vigorously.
- Rather `blot` wet hair with a towel instead of rubbing your head with it. (Hair is very
vulnerable when wet and hard rubbing can damage it.)
- Eat well so your hair can get the vitamins and minerals it needs to look good and stay healthy.

Article source: LifeWorld



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