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Grooming with Style 1

Whilst the bride may spend many months planning, designing or searching for her dream dress, the styling and grooming needs of husbands-to-be are often overlooked. Most grooms are content to show up on the day they`re told, after they`ve picked up the suit they were told to wear, but modern grooms are now taking their look more seriously.

When it comes to what to wear on the day, you should leave centrestage to the bride. For those who think dress code sounds more like Morse code, you should find some useful advice here and together with a visit to a few specialist men`s clothing stores you will be well groomed.

Initial arrangements for suit hire for yourself and your attendants should be made between 8 and 4 weeks before the wedding, to allow for adjustments to be made and, especially in summer, to ensure that the suit of your choice is available on your date of marriage. If your best man and ushers are required to pay for their own apparel, ensure that they are aware of this well in advance to relieve any unpleasant scenes later.

The first factor you should take into account is the time of day of the ceremony, then the season (unless you live in Natal, where it`s always summer!). Try on a number of suitable outfits - bearing in mind that your colour scheme is largely dependent on the colours chosen by your bride in her bouquet and in the bridesmaid`s outfits.

The following is a basic guide to the formal wear options for weddings at different times of the day and of varying formality.

A suit in grey or any other colour to match the colour scheme will be sufficient, however, tuxedos are often worn in the morning and add just that touch more formality to the occasion. The shirt can be plain or fancy, in white or a matching colour, with a winged or turn-down collar. Finish the look with a bowtie, ascot or four-in-hand tie, to match your waistcoat or cummerbund, and black or gold studs and cufflinks, black socks and polished leather shoes.

Formal A tuxedo, ascot, classic or cutaway jacket in the colour of your choice, with striped pants, a matching waistcoat, a plain or fancy, white or coloured shirt with a winged or turn-down collar and a colour-co-ordinated bowtie will provide a more than adequate formal look for your morning wedding. A pearl or jewelled tie- pin may be worn with your ascot. Polished leather shoes should be worn with black nylon socks.

Semi Formal - Summer
Wear a dinner jacket or tuxedo in white, pastel or a vibrant colour with black or matching pants for that elegant look. A matching waistcoat will look terrific with a plain or fancy shirt with a winged or turn-down collar. Your patterned or ascot tie should match your waistcoat or shirt. Accessorise the look with black, gold or jewelled studs and cufflinks, black silk or nylon socks and patent or polished leather dress shoes.

Semi-Formal - Winter
A formal dinner jacket or tuxedo with matching pants in black or another dark colour to match the colour scheme of your wedding, is ideal for the occasion. Your pleated or ruffled-bosom shirt in white or another pale colour, with a turn-down or winged collar, will look marvellous with a black or patterned ascot tie to match your waistcoat. Black, gold or jewelled studs or cufflinks, black silk or nylon socks, patent or polished dress shoes and a black single- or double-breasted overcoat will complete the winter look.

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