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A six-month healthy eating plan for brides-to-be

Given that each person`s body chemistry and eating habits differ, these are basic guidelines that can lay a good foundation for healthy weight loss. They apply to all brides-to-be.The best way to shed pounds is two-fold: cut back on calories and increase your physical activity. Calories fuel the body and unused calories are stored as fat.

How you lower that calorie count is key. The safe way to cut calories is by eating fewer foods high in fats and sugars - which are loaded in calories - while following a balanced diet drawing from all the major food groups. Besides being healthy, diets rich in variety are easier to stick to and therefore more likely to succeed over time.

According to the Dietetic Association, "all weight management programmes should at the very least include a gradual change to a healthful eating style with increased intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables." Eat less, exercise more. Sounds straightforward, doesn`t it?

6 months to go...Remember that most quick-fix diets aren`t nutritionally balanced and may harm the body over time because you throw your system out of kilter. Rather see your wedding as a life incentive for maintaining a healthy eating plan.Start with a visit to your doctor for a checkup and to design a sensible diet plan. If self-control is not your forte, consider joining a slimming club and investing in a personal trainer.

Aim for a balanced menu that`s high in fresh fruits and fibre, ensuring that your diet is rich in the essential vitamins and minerals that you`ll need, to keep stress at bay.Remember, faster weight loss is more likely to be temporary. People on stricter diets usually give up sooner and often gain back their weight.

Buy a book of calorie counts, and get familiar with how many calories are in the foods you eat most often. A guide to amounts of fat in foods is also helpful. Eat less of the carbo fruits like bananas, and replace with pawpaws, melons and strawberries, which are diuretic fruits that cleanse the body of toxins and energise.Choose low-fat dairy products, avoid slathering butter on everything in sight and above all, drink as much water as you can handle (never less than a litre a day).By exercising regularly and eating sensibly, you will ensure that the body draws its fuel from the stores of fat, rather than draining the muscles and depleting the body of energy.

4 months to go...Don`t eat late meals as this slows down metabolism and causes indigestion. By the same token, don`t skip meals - hunger makes people more likely to splurge and overeat later.Continue drinking water frequently, as this hydrates your skin from within. The benefits of drinking water can`t be stressed enough. Six to eight glasses a day hydrates the skin from the inside out and reduces the level of toxins in the body.Limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol is high in sugar, making body functioning sluggish and potentially causing a skin breakout.

3 months to go...Keep with the main strategy behind the programme, namely "reduce and replace".Analyse your recipes, look at where the fat is, then ask yourself if you can leave it out. Modify your recipes - experiment, substitute, use a smidgen when the recipe calls for a dollop. But you have to decide what`s important: there`s no right or wrong.

1 week to go...Congratulations, you`re almost there! Eat light, nutritious meals.The morning after...You did it! Now as you romp merrily on the beach, in your bikini, Prince Charming in tow, make a resolution to maintain your slimmed down figure.

Article source: LifeWorld



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