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Exercise - how often, how much, where and when?

For every question you`ve ever had about the nature of exercise - we have the answers...

Well done! Common sense has prevailed and you have realised exercise has to become part of your life. Now, if you are a male between the ages of 12 and 70, testosterone and ego driven, your natural impulse will be to bench press 200kg, run a sub seven hour Comrades and maybe get a top ten finish in the Argus. That is just in the first month. Being a women however, meticulous research, months of planning and countless motivational seminars, precede the questions, when, where, how often and how much is needed...
When to exercise
There are no hard and fast rules governing this question. With the modern women`s hectic schedule, just finding anytime is a bonus. If, however, your programme is going to be effective, it must have its own set time in your routine. Whether it is morning, afternoon or evening is a matter of personal preference and convenience. For the novice though, emphasis must be on strict adherence to specified times. After some consistency has been established more flexibility is allowed.

Where to exercise
This obviously depends on what your programme requires. Being a member of a good health club does have its benefits. Most gyms offer facilities that cater for almost every need, with back up and assistance if required. Your home could just as effectively become your personal haven for blood, sweat and tears, with the advantage of privacy and convenience. With a minimum of space and equipment most exercises done in a gym can be done at home. There are even fitness professionals who do house calls.

How often and how much to exercise
The answer here is dependent entirely on what your goals are, at what level you are starting and your time frame for achieving your goals. Factor all this in and how often can be anywhere between twice and six times per week. A good place to begin would be at three times, with enough rest between workout days. For the best results more weight should be placed on consistency, rather than frequency. How much, as with how often is also dictated by your needs. Realise too that your needs are constantly changing and so then must your programme. How much you do in one session, the average being sixty minutes, relies on intensity to a major extent. If your basic routine lasts sixty minutes and you suddenly realise your body screaming out for mercy, after only thirty minutes, listen! Invariably your body always knows what is best. The trick is to tune in, carefully listen, and take the advice. It is far safer to err on the scale of less, than to kill yourself, in your frantic quest for youth and longevity.

What exercises to do
Entire books have been written, dedicated to answering questions, on what exercises and how to do them. With some research, or the assistance of a qualified personal trainer, it is a relatively simple task to figure out a personal programme tailor-made to suit you. What must be considered when working with a trainer is that, being completely at ease with, and fully understanding each other, is paramount.

Your, needs, goals, limitations and experience are the guiding factors in answering the questions in this article`s title. The programme you begin with must be specific yet completely flexible. Once all this is in place, back to a few more motivational seminars, and you are ready, to begin.

Article source: LifeWorld



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