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10 Questions to ask your Travel Agent

Planning and working together with a good travel agent will make your honeymoon fabulous!

A honeymoon, especially for young couples, is often the first holiday you need to plan in detail. The reward for planning your honeymoon efficiently is a truly enjoyable holiday that draws the two of you even closer together. However by hastily organising your holiday you may overlook important information, which may result in poor service and missed opportunities. Honeymoons are the first holiday a married couple take together, and an unhappy one may be the first step in an unhappy marriage. Planning, although dull, pays dividends.

Check Documentation
Check what sort of documentation is required for your particular journey, such as passports and visas, and check how early you need to apply for documents that you do not have. It is important to decide what name the future bride will travel on, and if she uses her married name while her passport is in her maiden name, it would be wise to take along your marriage certificate as proof of identification.

Booking Tickets
Booking a plane ticket is not simply about ensuring your position on a plane, it is about tailoring a flight which will suit your specific needs. There are many options to consider when booking a ticket, such as pre-booked seats, which vary between airlines. Bulkhead seats offer slightly more leg room, therefore a more comfortable journey. You can also specify what type of menu you would prefer. For example many airlines cater for kosher, vegetarian, and low-fat diets, in addition to standard diets. Speak to your travel agent about these options and make a decision before booking.

Check exactly what phrases like "room with a view" mean. You are paying to get what the brochure describes, so insist that you get what you want. Otherwise the view you pay for may be an eyesore rather than an eyeful.

Airport Transfers
Insure whether or not the hotel that you are staying at offers transfers to and from the airport. If you plan to hire a car, check that the rental agency has a counter at the airport. Don`t presume these service exists as you may be left in the lurch at the last minute. Hiccups like these taint the overall feeling of your honeymoon.

Other Costs
Ask your travel agent to list all possible costs that you may incur on your journey. The forgotten costs like taxes, tipping, tours and equipment hire add up, and may be difficult for a young married couple to swallow.

Consider buying travel insurance to protect you and your spouse against unnecessary costs which may be incurred by accidents, There are various types of travel insurance, many of which are covered by your credit cards. However many travel agents stress the importance of buying more cover for your own protection.

All flight bookings and hotel reservations should be confirmed about a week before departure to ensure that no aspects have been neglected. Your travel agent should do this for you.

Local Customs
Local custom often dictates what you should wear, and if you don`t comply, your sightseeing may be hampered. Since you travel agent is familiar with the countries they deal with, they will be able to advise you on what items you should and shouldn`t take with you.

Inform People
Ask your agent to let the airway and hotel that you decide to use know that you are on your honeymoon. In Canada the option to upgrade seats will be offered to honeymooners before anyone else, if the plane is not full. Furthermore, the maitre`d may find you a more cosy table if he or she is aware that you are on a particularly special holiday. Other hidden surprises that this may entail include a complementary bottle of champagne, a bowl of fruit, or a T-shirt for the groom and a pareo for the bride. In addition to this your travel agent can organise any occasion you may desire to make your honeymoon extra special, like a candlelit dinner on the beach.

Service Charges
Finally ask your travel agent what fee they charge for their services. Shop around to insure that you receive the best service, and that your travel agent you are dealing with is familiar with the special rates and packages available to honeymooners.

Article source: LifeWorld



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