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Charming chapels - alternatives to traditional church weddings

Getting married in a quaint chapel has appealed to many a couple in love over the centuries. The idea of exchanging marital vows in these rustic, often ancient, places of worship, sparks feelings of warmth and intimacy that remain timeless and special long after the ceremonies have ended.

The meaning of the name
Derived from the Latin term cappella, meaning a short cloak, the word `chapel` was first applied to a shrine in which the cloak of the great St. Martin was kept. (Legend has it that he tore his cloak into two pieces so that he could share it with a beggar, and later, he was said to have had a vision of Christ clad in the cloak. It was preserved as a relic and carried by several armies on their military campaigns.) The term, `chapel`, then went on to denote any sanctuary containing holy relics or any place of worship that was not considered a proper church.

In Medieval Europe, chapels were frequently built on bridges. Those built on old London Bridge and the famous broken bridge at Avignon in France have often been celebrated by a number of authors and poets in their literary works.

But it is the romance and enchantment which chapels tend to signify that make them so popular. Each one has its own special history, which adds intrigue and mystery to its existence. Whether it be the timeless beauty of the surroundings or the traditions which seem to reverberate within the walls, a chapel adds extra charm to any occasion.

The quaintness of the older versions
The older versions are usually perfectly preserved with their exquisite stained glass windows, antique organs, wooden pews and cobblestone floors. When standing inside one of these ancient marvels, you cannot help but imagine the beautiful maidens and handsome lords that once upon a time professed their love for each other amidst the soft glow of candles and the sweet scent of freshly picked blossoms.

Defining intimacy
Ideal for the smaller ceremony, a chapel is not only more intimate than most churches, but many are not affiliated to any particular denomination, thereby allowing a couple to marry without any restrictive customs. From a country or garden setting, to cool mountain forests and sun drenched valleys, a chapel can provide idyllic surroundings. So, before taking the decision to walk down the aisle in a colossal church, consider the charming chapel option and exchange your vows in a tranquil, entrancing and loving atmosphere.

Venue`s with Charming Chapels
• Gauteng
• Kwazulu Natal
• Western Cape

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