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Budget Weddings -Tying A `Shoestring` Knot

If you`re strapped for cash, as many newly engaged couples are, fear not! Some of the greatest weddings of all time have been created on a minimal budget- simply because there are no restrictions when it comes to the amount of love you share, coupled with that `personal touch`.

We have compiled a range of tips and ideas that will cut the costs without compromising on your dreams. Below are a few points to consider!Realism first, fairytales and fantasy later!

Remember that, although incomparably special your wedding day is just one wonderful moment, and you have a lifetime of special moments to share together. When the big day is over, you need to look to the future, and believe me- there`s nothing sexy or romantic about having an enormous overdraft- no matter how wonderful your memories of the wedding are! So before you do anything, set a date to meet those who wish to contribute to your wedding day, and lay all your cards on the table. Honesty is the best policy- even if what you hear is not exactly music to your ears! Once your families, you and your spouse have decided on the absolute maximum that you can spend, take ten percent off that total. You never know what emergencies may crop up, so it`s best to keep a little aside for` just in case`.

Quotation, quotation, quotation
It may be time consuming, but try to get as many quotes as possible from every service provider. First, do your research and estimate the amount that you can mange to spend. Then, weigh up quality (ask for references and samples of their work) against quantity (or price), and make an educated decision from there. Always ask exactly what is included in the price, and be sure there are no hidden extras. Remember to stick to your allocated amount, otherwise some other aspect of your plans is bound to fall short.

Friends indeed!
Call on some talented friends and family and ask them if they would like to be involved in planning your special day. You`d be surprised how willing people are to help, and they will be flattered if you ask them. Some may be closest videographers; others may be green-fingered florist types. Perhaps their help could be in lieu of a wedding gift?

Wed on a Wednesday!
Getting married during the week cuts costs down considerably. Venues, photographers, entertainers and caterers usually offer special discounted rates, simply because they are quieter. The same concept applies to getting married in winter- it`s cheaper because it`s less in demand.

Dusk or Dawn?
You`ll soon realise that- the earlier the affair (except if it`s lunch) - the cheaper the menu. Morning weddings are fresh and beautiful, and a champagne breakfast or breakfast tea is almost half the cost of a dinner dance. Bear in mind that you won`t have to have too much alcohol that early in the morning, and the guests will be to serve themselves- buffets are also cheaper. Also consider: Afternoon teas, hors d`oeuvres or brunch as less expensive alternatives.

Feel at Home
Nothing compares to the nostalgia of getting married in your own garden, filled with endless childhood memories. You will, however, need to consider the cost of: hiring tables and chairs; hiring a caterer; a marquee; décor; entertainment and so on. But generally speaking, you can save quite substantially while still enjoying that `personal touch`.

Give your guest list a shave
Weddings are very personal affairs, and they should therefore intimate. Don`t allow others to tell you who should and who should not be there. It`s your wedding, after all. If there are any people that others insist are invited, and they do not already feature on your list, then ask those interfering souls to pay! Alternatively, simply say `no`.

Message about a Bottle
Alcohol is so costly, so don`t put wineglasses and bottles of the stuff on each table if you can`t afford to cough up! Tell the waiters to offer wine only if the guest requests it. Also get a bar budget and make sure that the barmen know to charge guests after the limit has been exceeded.

Article source: LifeWorld



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