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`Whap Bam Boogie`

A DJ will transform your guests into dancing queens - if he`s worth his weight in vinyl, that is...

A disco with a sound reputation, proper equipment and a wide selection of material are your three main selection criteria. There are many DJ`s around and they vary in price, style and ability. If you`re interested in someone you`ve never heard before, request a sneak preview when asking for a quotation.

Try and book at least six months before the wedding. You`ll find that most DJ`s charge between a couple of hundred to a few thousand rand, but don`t base your choice on price alone.

A DJ is only as good as the equipment he brings along. This is where paying more usually means professionalism and better sound quality. The last thing you want is someone who charges low rates and arrives with a `home system`.

Find out how regularly the equipment gets serviced or upgraded. Will the disco supply you with a microphone? Will it have a long cable or will it be cordless? Is lighting included in the quote, how many lights are there and what do they look like? Cabling should be neat and minimal, while speakers and the disco`s logos shouldn`t ruin the dÍcor.

Wedding guests differ considerably in terms of age and taste, so the DJ should be able to play a wide selection of songs. If he`s a true professional, he`ll get a feel for what the crowd likes and adjust his style accordingly.

This is your day, so prepare a list of your favourite songs and give it to the DJ beforehand. Volume is another important factor: background music should remain just that, while dancing tunes should be loud enough to enjoy without being too hard on the ears.

Make sure you specify the time you`d like the disco to be set up. Guests should be greeted with music when they arrive, not echoes of "Testing, 1...2...3."

The disco should be situated close to both the dance floor and plug points. Check that your venue can accommodate any extras you`ll need, such as a platform or extra tables.

Article source: LifeWorld



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