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Grooming with Style part 2

...continued from Grooming with Style 1 of 2

Go all out for this one in a black full dress or tailcoat jacket with matching pants. Your white pique waistcoat with a separate winged collar, white bowtie and white or pearl studs and cufflinks, together with your patent or leather slip-on shoes, black silk socks and black dress coat will ensure you`re the talk of the town for a long time to come!

Now, if many of the terms used in the earlier descriptions left you in a spin, you`ll need to go over our handy glossary to familiarise yourself with the formal wear jargon.

ASCOT TIE - Available in stripes, florals, paisleys and plain, this tie should be worn with a winged collar shirt. It forms a double knot and has wide ends that fold over the chest and is secured with a tie pin.

BAND TIE - A modern alternative and resembling more of a band than a tie, it is worn with a stand-up collar shirt. A stud or button cover is usually placed in its centre.

BUTTONHOLE - A small floral arrangement, consisting of usually either a carnation or flowers from your bride`s bouquet and a little greenery, this corsage is pinned to the buttonhole of your left lapel.

BOWTIE - The most well-known of all formal wear, the pre-tied version is readily available and is the most convenient. Its colour should match that of your cummerbund or waistcoat and it is available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

BUTTON COVER - More for decoration than use, the button cover resembles a cufflink and is covers the top button of a stand-up collar shirt, alleviating the need for either tie or band.

CROSSOVER TIE - A black band with pointed ends crossed over at the neck and clipped together with a small stud. The tie lies flat at the throat and is worn with a stand-up collar shirt. CUMMERBUND - A sash covering the waist of the pants, the colour of which should match the tie. All such accessories are available in a variety of patterns and colours.

DINNER JACKET - Similar to what is known as a tuxedo jacket, usually in white or ivory with a notched or shawl collar.

DIRECTOR`S SUIT - More your ordinary business suit, it is usually worn for morning weddings. A grey waistcoat and striped pants are usually worn with this suit, together with a turn-down collar shirt and a four-in-hand tie.

FOUR-IN-HAND TIE - Resembling an ordinary tie, this accessory is manufactured from a more expensive fabric and is usually worn with a director`s suit.

FULL DRESS - Known as "tails" because it includes a tailcoat, this outfit is strictly formal and should not be worn during the day. Available in black, grey or midnight blue, the look comprises an ascot or bowtie, a winged collar tuxedo shirt, waistcoat and tuxedo pants.

MANDARIN-COLLAR SHIRT - This shirt`s band-type collar relieves the need for a tie and is suitable for both formal and informal occasions. A button cover may be used for decoration.

MORNING SUIT - The daytime equivalent of full dress, this suit consists of a mid-thigh length jacket with only one button and cut at an angle in front, from button to side, to expose the trousers, a striped ascot with a winged-collar shirt, grey or black striped trousers and a grey waistcoat.

SPENCER JACKET - A type of tuxedo jacket, ending at the waist. The front opening of the jacket forms two points.

STAND-UP COLLAR SHIRT - Similar to the mandarin shirt, the collar of this particular shirt is a band of fabric, with a notch where it closes in front. A button cover may be the only accessory, however a crossover tie may be worn. STUDS - Like small cufflinks, these accessories replace the buttons of a formal tuxedo shirt.

TAILCOAT - A very formal jacket, short in front, with knee-length tails at the back. The coat contains buttons though it is always worn open.

TURNED-DOWN COLLAR SHIRT - An ordinary type shirt, less formal than the winged collar shirt, it is usually accessorised with a bowtie

TUXEDO - A popular choice, with a variety of styles including both single and double breasted. A modern version of the old familiar tux is that with the stand up collar and no lapels. Tuxedos are available in black, grey, white or ivory. Whatever the style or colour, the tuxedo is always appropriate for formal weddings.

WAISTCOAT - An optional accessory that can be worn with almost any tuxedo, the waistcoat is available in both single and double breasted styles. The colour of the bowtie should match the waistcoat, both of these accessories being available in a variety of patterns and colours. Waistcoats are standard with full dress, white tie morning and director`s suites.

WHITE TIE - This variation of full dress should be worn strictly at the most formal of occasions. It comprises a black tailcoat, black tuxedo pants and a white piqué bowtie and is worn with a white waistcoat and a winged collar tuxedo shirt.

WINGED COLLAR SHIRT - Accessorised by a bowtie or ascot, this shirt has a stand up collar with the ends folded over, to create a "winged" effect.... et violla!

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