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Most people associate the word `hotel` with terrific service, much pampering and fine attention to detail - a real, `sit down and relax while we take care of you`, atmosphere. This too can be part of your wedding day.

Hotels are becoming an increasingly popular choice for wedding reception venues and it`s easy to see why: excellent service. Hoteliers, with a few exceptions, will go to unbelievable lengths to accommodate their guests and nothing is too much trouble when it comes to making your special day a magical one.

Furthermore, many hotels can offer a choice of venues, from ballrooms and lapas, to beautiful garden settings. Not all hotels offer the same services, and to avoid any misunderstandings, it is advisable to check the following:

  • Ask whether MC equipment (lectern or podium and microphones) can be supplied and whether this will cost extra.
  • Generally, hotels have a supply of table linen and overlays but if you require anything other than these the hotel may have to hire them, at an extra cost to you.
  • Although most hotels surveyed are happy to provide Halaal and Kosher menus, not all can prepare these themselves and they may have to be ordered, again at an extra cost to you.
  • Not all hotels include the fee for barmen and waiters in the charge per head.
  • It`s worth asking about discounts for rooms, if the bridal couple or wedding guests want to stay over in the hotel.

    The table below lists a range of services that hotels and lodges across South Africa can offer to help make your wedding reception a beautiful and memorable one. (* indicates that there may be an extra cost involved)

    Article source: LifeWorld



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