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Wedding Hints And Tips:

  • When ordering your bouquet consider ordering another smaller one for you to toss to the awaiting throng of single maidens at the wedding - this way you get to keep and preserve your original bouquet for posterity and it won`t get ruined.
  • You may want to keep a more comfortable pair of shoes handy at the reception. If you and your man are planning to dance the night away, why not slip the comfortable ones on and save your feet from aches and pains later in the evening?
  • Organising the perfect wedding takes a lot of time and energy. A sure-fire stress-reliever is having a warm bath full of bubbles and aromatherapy oils three times a week prior to your wedding day.
  • Don`t experiment with a new perfume on your big day. Make a point of wearing the perfume that you always use. This familiar fragrance will be the one your groom associates with you. To get maximum `wear` from your perfume, apply a body lotion of the same fragrance - it should last all day.
  • There will be a lot of things that need to be done on your wedding day. To make your life easier and less stressful, make a list of everything that has to be done and what order you need to do it in. This way you will ensure that nothing is forgotten and your day will run smoothly.
  • Pamper yourself and have a glass of champagne to help settle those inevitable `big-day` jitters, or invest in a silky dressing gown or robe to wear before you have to get ready on the day. Both these things will help you to feel extra special!
  • Get your parents to circulate a guest-book at the reception. This gives your guests the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about you on your wedding day. It makes a great keepsake!
  • Instead of throwing rice and confetti, why not try an interesting alternative like rose petals, birdseed or even bubbles?
  • Have a reception with a difference - instead of numbering your tables, why not give them names, such as movie titles or the names of different flowers?
Tips for a Beach Wedding
  • Consult the National Weather Bureau for information about regional weather patterns.
  • Pay attention to the time of day you would like to have the ceremony - in many areas it can become too hot to be outdoors from noon to around 3 p.m. Rather consider late afternoon to sunset.
  • Watch out for the morning and noon sun, as it can often be too bright to take good photographs.
  • Inquire if a permit is necessary to have a ceremony on a public beach - contact the Regional Town Council to be certain.
  • Many brides envision taking over a big stretch of beach and setting up tables and chairs. Rather try and have a reception at a nearby hotel or restaurant. You may not be allowed to have a reception on a public beach or Mother Nature may intervene by sending a lovely thunderstorm your way.
  • Inform guests of your intention to wed on the beachfront so that they can dress appropriately and exchange their `Sunday Best` for hats and sunglasses.
  • Watch out for delicate flowers that wilt in the heat - seek advice from your florist on more resilient varieties.
Blooms on a Budget
  • Concentrate on in-season flowers or locally grown flowers.
  • Use cut flowers rather than arranged ones - arrangements take time to put together and you will therefore need to spend money on labour.
  • Focus on one colour as fewer flowers in different shades of the same colour can still look abundant in an arrangement.
  • Include `greenery` and ribbons as fillers in centrepieces and bouquets
  • Rent containers from a florist rather than buy expensive vases for each table.
  • Ask the catering manager at your reception venue for advice on menu planning.
  • Set a budget per head that includes drinks - then make sure you stick to it, whatever happens.
  • If you want a reception at home, consider a marquee in the garden to add extra space.
  • Doing your own catering will save money but it can be time-consuming. Make sure you arrange for additional help.
  • Get all quotes from caterers in writing and ask them to specify everything that`s included, such as cutlery, crockery and linen.

    Photography by Karen Sandison

    Article source: LifeWorld



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