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Arriving in Style

It`s a `ribbons and bows` dream to travel in a fancy car on your wedding day. But what about doing it a little differently? We take a look at what`s out there.

Horse and Carriage. The romantic Victorian horse-drawn carriage is just right for brides who want a classic fairytale wedding. After all, if Cinderella could have a shimmering, beribboned carriage drawn by frosty white horses, why can`t you? Contact Beverley Lodewick at Horse and Carriage Hire on (011) 432 4353 or (011) 432 5001 for more information.

Limousine. Imagine it - you are a movie star arriving at the church in a sleek stretch limousine, complete with red carpet, a complimentary bottle of bubbly and a skilled chauffeur to see that you get there on time! Your limo will also be decorated in ribbons to match your colour scheme. For more information on arriving in a vehicle that just oozes glamour, contact Mark at Spirit of Ecstasy Limousine Service on (011) 339 1671.

Harley Davidson. For the rebel without a cause, a trip to the church on a Harley may be just what you need to get your day off to a flying start! If you`re an avid biker, you could choose the self-drive option, but if you are a billowing bride in a ball-gown, you`ll probably need to choose the chauffeur-driven `hog` with sidecar. Ask Noel Boyce of Freedom Africa Tours for more information on (021) 419 3839.

Vintage Car Bring back the days of the model-T Ford, gangsters and Tommy-guns by arriving in an authentic vintage car. These lovely `old girls` will give your wedding a touch of 1920`s flair, complete with coloured ribbons of your choice and a chauffeur to ensure that you leave early enough to make it to the church on time - these cars weren`t built for speed! Billy Russell at Luxury Limousines can tell you all you need to know on (011) 882 2111.

Rolls Royce. Fit for a princess, the regal Silver Spirit will whisk you away to the church in the comfort, elegance and style that typifies the Rolls Royce. This `Grande Dame` can be decked out in the colours of your choice and is chauffeur-driven for that added touch of sophistication. Direct enquiries to Graham at Rolls Royce Wedding Hire on (011) 867 4556.

Photography supplied by Horse and Carriage Hire

Article source: LifeWorld



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