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Tips for a stress-free wedding day 1

Mention a wedding and everybody goes mushy and starry-eyed, picturing the bride floating along on a cloud of happiness. Unless you`ve been there yourself, it`s difficult to imagine the stresses and strains imposed on the bride and the people she comes into regular contact with. All too often we hear a sigh of relief when the whole episode is finally over.

To make things easier, we`ve compiled a guide on how to go about ensuring that your wedding day is as dreamy and wonderful as all those fantasies you had as a little girl.

  • Finances - Get the money issue out of the way - fast! Decide on a budget, keep a record book and don`t dip into those savings - as tempting as it gets. Spending sleepless nights fretting over who is paying for what and where the money is coming from is not good for you. Weddings are expensive and it`s really not expected anymore that the bride`s family pay for everything. If the couple both work it may be an idea to split the bill between the two families and the couple.
  • Make lists - Plenty of them! Keep your plans on paper and out of your head! It`s great to see those jobs get crossed off the list as they get done.
  • Know exactly what you want - Sit the family down, open a `negotiating table` and listen to their opinions. Everyone has a different image in their head as to what a wedding involves. Know what yours is and stick to it. You`ll only be unhappy if you bow to pressure and give in - this is your day and things should go the way you want them to. Don`t let parents bribe you because they`re paying a portion, they`ve had their turn - now it`s yours.
  • Plan - Start planning way in advance. Sit down with hubby-to-be and decide on a venue, church, photographer, etc. Popular venues are booking at least a year in advance, so get in early - especially if you`re planning a spring or Valentine`s Day wedding. You`ll also need to arrange your honeymoon - romantic spots are snapped up quickly and the last thing you want is to end up in a rained out camping spot! Have fun doing it - visit travel agents, read mags, explore!
  • Exercise - But don`t overdo it. The panic about sudden weight gain in the last few weeks and frantic gym sessions every day can damage your health and well-being. You won`t want to hobble down the aisle with protesting thigh muscles! Try a gentle, low impact aerobic class three times a week for maximum fat burning effects. Or better yet, grab your sweetheart and go for a walk - the time together will be invaluable and the gentle exercise and fresh air is great for the stress levels.
  • Put time aside for you - Schedule it into your diary if necessary. Get your hair done, have a manicure and facial, or simply lie in the bath with a glass of your favourite wine. Soul-time for you is essential to keep the wheels turning smoothly. It gives you time to make plans, relax and keep those frown lines at bay.
  • Keep the romance alive - During this hectic time it`s easy to get wrapped up in the practicalities of it all. Those close to you may tend to take a back seat. Wedding plans generally have the couple rushing from one place to the next, having fittings, meeting family, shopping and bargain hunting. Put some quality time aside for just the two of you - run away for a quiet weekend, take the phone off the hook, or simply go to your favourite romantic spot for some special time together.

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