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Time to detox

Do you feel a little worse for the wear at the moment? Time for a `detox` maybe.

You`ve been feeling really tried and drained lately and, by your standards, those eyes could also look a bit brighter. It`s probably time for a good detox. Easy enough to do at home, here is a quick-fix plan to have you ready and rearing to go again.

The DIY detox
Providing you are in good health, are aware of your body`s strange little habits and have a few days to spare, then this detox plan is yours for the taking...

  • Any detox programme will leave you feeling a little tired and unwell. Your skin may break out and usually your body will feel rotten. You may also lose some weight. This is all normal, however, if you experience symptoms of fainting, dizziness or a severe upset stomach, then stop the programme immediately.
  • To start, choose a single fruit per day (paw paw, melon, apple and grape are all good eliminators) and eat only this for three days. (You can eat as much of the fruit as you like and you can change the fruit you choose to eat each day.) Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day and at night you may drink some herbal tea (of the citrus or berry variety), but without sugar. You can use a little natural fructose to sweeten, although try to avoid it.
  • After day three, eat light meals of fruits and vegetables, but avoid meat, carbohydrates and all dairy. Continue this for four days and then adopt a carefully balanced diet to prevent the waste build-up from re-forming.
Hints & tips
  • Detox when you have time to relax and you don`t have to do anything too strenuous.
  • Rather do rigorous exercise after your detox. If you feel that you must exercise, choose yoga or callanetics.
  • Vitamin intake is essential for immune support, so get a good multivitamin and stock up on Vitamins B, C and E.
  • No smoking or drinking allowed, of course!
Give these a tryFollowing are products that will assist with a detox:
  • Algologie make an excellent range of seaweed extract vials, seaweed decoction and seaweed capsules (available at selected salons).
  • Lympho, a homeopathic drainage product by Lilian Terry and Dr Katya (available at selected salons).
  • Solgar VM2000 - a great multivitamin (available at selected salons, health shops and homeopathic centres).
(Please note: It`s always best to consult your doctor before you embark on a new diet or exercise plan.)

Article source: LifeWorld



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