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The rite to register

The Do`s and Dont`s of Registering. The benefits of registering your wedding gifts are boundless.

First - you get to shop till you drop, without spending a cent; Second - you eliminate the chance of getting stuck with duplicates; and Third - you get to have all those items you`ve always wanted, rather than that mustard lampshade that great aunt Sophie thought was simply `perfect` for you.

You`ll be amazed at what you will learn about your `other half` when you and your partner register together, and it`s probably a good time to determine if your tastes are actually compatible. (Better late than never!) It may take hours of debate, but at least you can jointly decide on how your home will best reflect your spirit, rather than having a living space that represents a fruit salad of different styles!

But aside from the numerous advantages that registering may offer you, most guests will agree that these modern-age shopping inventions are a blessing. Not only do they diminish the stress of that tormenting question, "What on earth do I buy?", they`re also the ultimate timesaver. And let`s face it - convenience is what we are all after.

The rules of registering:
There may be no tugging on your purse strings, but there are some registering rules that you should take into account:
You should register at least two months prior to your wedding day. To get personal attention and advice, call the store to make an appointment with the registry consultant. Most stores provide you with a list of things you need, and many will give you a print-out of the items you have selected.

Not everyone appreciates the value of registering - older relatives often find the trend distasteful and presumptuous, so if you doubt whether certain guests will take kindly to the registry, rather don`t notify them of its existence.

Don`t send registry notification along with the invitation. Rather send the card separately, or better yet - let guests know by word of mouth. (Ask your mother and your retinue to spread the word.)

Vary the price range of your gift selection, so guests with a limited budget don`t feel uncomfortable.
Choose more gifts than you have guests, so that choices are not limited. 6. Thank each guest for the gift they have given you by acknowledging exactly what they gave. This way, they feel their gift was still `personal`.

What can you register?
These days you can register almost anything. Some stores allow to register bigger appliances, such as fridges, vacuum cleaners and dishwashers. You can also register hi-fi systems, cameras and camcorders. For large or expensive items such as these, stores usually work on a payment method similar to time sharing - where guests can each put in a certain amount towards the gift. The risk here is that you may need to put in the balance - but the saving is still substantial. Necessities that most couples register include:
cookware, kitchen utensils, dinner services, tea sets, linen, china, small appliances (irons, blenders) pots, pans, luggage and garden tools - but if you`re one of those people that simply have everything, it`s even viable to register CD`S. Do your homework first before choosing which store to go with, and ask them exactly what their service includes. (Many offer free delivery, gift-wrapping or sending out of registry notification cards.) Make sure you negotiate the best deal for you!

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