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The Gap Between `Will do?` and `I do`

A wedding is an important symbol of our culture. A ceremony of love and commitment, and a day to be looked forward to, by all - including the groom!! Oh sure, you will hear more than once that the wedding is the bride`s day. The reason it`s the bride`s day is because she is convinced that her wedding just isn`t complete until she has spent all the money there is. The entire wedding industry panders to the bride`s every wish in the hope that she will shower them with money. What about the grooms day, you`ll ask - well it`s your day too! Men however, are simpler in taste. As long as your bride has selected what you must wear, the minister shows up and there`s plenty of food and wine afterwards, it doesn`t matter how people are dressed, how many flowers there are and who is seated where. As a result, grooms-to-be don`t get much attention before the wedding. Let`s face it, while marriages may be full of bliss and harmony, the lead up to the big day is an upside down roller coaster ride for any couple, and especially the groom, probably because you haven`t the faintest idea what`s expected of you.

So those of you who are getting married, here are a few tips from "The Last Bachelor":
My bride-to-be has decided, on my behalf, that I should be involved in the planning of our wedding. I am stuck with the details of invitations, entertainment, photographers, ministers, imperfect families, caterers, suit hire, seating plans, (while "my list" gets shortened every day) and things I have never even thought about. When it`s your time - round about as soon as she has said "yes" to that: "Will you marry me?", perhaps this guide will make your life a little simpler. At least you will know what to expect.

Whether this is your first, second or, if you are really stupid, your third (or more) marriage, the drill is the same....only the players change.

Setting the Date: Try to choose a day in which there will be no important game being televised. This has been known to cause huge resentment and may lead to underlying anger in the relationship on your part - or hers - if you choose to rent a television for the reception.

Communicating with Interest: Learn to answer all her wedding related questions with "Yes, my love" and to smile. Snorting and grunting is not understood by females. A word of warning, DO NOT under any circumstances, roll your eyes, this can cause the whole thing to be called off.

I know that in most cases it`s hard, but try to look happy. A mental image of the stripper you hope will be invited to your bachelors, helps. I know you`ve used this one before!!

Flowers: The more, the better. Hopefully both you and your parents have been saving up for these as they are usually half the cost of the entire wedding - especially if you are romantic enough to want to be married on Valentine`s Day.

Gift Lists: There is no way that you will be able to register for wedding gifts at The Pro Shop, Health & Racquet or Software Connection. Understand one thing, none of the wedding gifts on the list - which she will compile - are for you. Accept this early on and you will be able to begin on the right foot. If you are lucky, someone may get you a bottle opener. However, you`ll probably end up getting crystal glasses, table cloths and bed linen - not satin, either - silverware and picture frames. One day you may even use some of them.

The Reception: Ah, the best part, now you can sit back, relax, have some fun - it is after all the grand finale! Enjoy a dinner that consists of lukewarm meat and cold vegetables, portions the size you`d expect on the kiddies menu, for which you are paying over R 100 a head.

The Honeymoon: Be sure to let your bride-to-be know what to pack for the honeymoon. Even if the destination is a surprise, DO NOT offer to pack her bags - as you`ll be sure to only remember, that all-in-one lacy number you bought her last Christmas - and, nothing else!

The Last Word: Ah yes, do not have your bachelor party on the night before the wedding, your friends will be tempted to do something stupid like shave your eyebrows off or worse, tattoo the name of an old flame onto your buttocks. And most important, if you`ve learned nothing else in life, DO NOT BE LATE !

Photography by Whitecliffs

Article source: LifeWorld



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