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Pop the question - How did he propose?

A proposal is an important rite of passage and how he did it is one of the very first questions that your girl friends will ask. We demand a lot from our sensitive `new age` men, especially when it comes to proposals. Not only must he be original and creative, the moment needs to be so saturated with romance that his very words (or actions) have the paranormal power of transforming your knees to jelly.

Dinner and Romantic Music - The Language of Love When my fiance, Allister, proposed to me, I was very surprised at how well it was planned. He took me to Ramkietjie, a restaurant which holds much sentimental value, as it was where we had our first dinner. I was so relaxed and my dinner was absolutely wonderful - so I didn`t notice that Allister was so nervous he could hardly eat! After the main course, a beautifully romantic song started playing, and Allister got up from the table. I thought he was going to ask me to dance, so I was dying of embarrassment. But before I knew it, he was down on one knee, holding my left hand. He was so nervous that his carefully planned speech fell to pieces... but the question was still poetry to my ears. After I said yes, a huge bunch of roses and a bottle of champagne arrived on our table. It was an evening I will never forget.
- Tracy Orchison

Treasure Hunt "Surprise!" - I`d heard my guy mentioning that word every now and then for some time, but when I asked him what he was on about, he was very evasive. Eventually, I decided to be tenacious. "What surprise? Where?" I asked him, and when he told me it was well hidden, I decided to put my dormant sleuthing skills to work. I didn`t know what I was looking for, so I had to beg him for a clue - but all he would divulge was that the `thing` was small. I searched his briefcase, the bedroom, the lounge... I lifted chairs, moved plants... and begged for further clues. Finally, I took a break to make supper. He thought I`d given up, so he parted with one more clue - that I should look on our wall unit, which was filled with tiny ornaments. I turned everything upside down, but the vase with the roses he bought me the night before were left standing - until I heard him muttering, "I hope you don`t throw anything away." I pulled the vase towards me and peered into the stems of the roses. Nothing. But just as I was about to put them back, a shimmer of gold caught my eye. It was a ring -slipped onto one of the rosebuds. The strange thing is that I had always dreamed of being proposed to in this way - with an engagement ring hooked onto a red rose - but I`d never told him!
- Debbie McErlean

Picnic by Moonlight - My boyfriend was being sent by his company to train overseas for two weeks, and after not being apart for two years, I was feeling a little sad. The night before he was due to leave, I was alone at home, waiting for him to return from work. At about six o`clock, a bouquet of antique silk roses (my favourite) were delivered to my door with a tiny blue note attached. The note said, "Meet me under the oak tree in ten minutes. - J." Of course, I couldn`t wait ten whole minutes, so I brushed my hair, splashed on his favourite fragrance and darted out the door. When I approached our large oak tree (which takes up most of our back yard), I discovered a blanket, beautifully laid out with champagne glasses, candles and a picnic basket filled with Nando`s chicken - which I adore. Thinking that he had prepared the entire spread to cheer me up about the fact that he was leaving, I sat down and tried to enjoy the lovely feast - forcing myself not to think about how much I was going to miss him. The evening turned out to be light-hearted and fun, but as we finished eating, he suddenly became serious and said to me, "You know I have to go tomorrow, but I promise that I will never stay away from you ever again." With that, he produced a small velvet box with the most exquisite ring inside. I was ecstatic! In the two weeks that followed, I was so busy planning the engagement party, that the time flew by - and before I knew it, we were together again. This time, forever.
- Cherene Adams

Article source: LifeWorld



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