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Alternative stag parties - For The Enlightened Male

Contrary to our `groom with a view`s` assertion, there can be more to a bachelor party than the eminently boring `classics-and-conversation` gathering on the one hand - and the typical `booze n` broads` thrash so revered by the male species, on the other.

The traditional stag route is as antiquated as its kitchen tea counterpart. You`re ostensibly celebrating your freedom, but surely that is a gigantic contradiction in terms. If anything, your love should set you free. Who needs marriage if it can only be viewed as a life-long restraining order?

Still, the concept of a stag night is a great one - a gathering of old friends to toast the future. It`s also the perfect excuse to enjoy a night out with `just the guys,` a night to re-live the boyish pranks of your adolescence with relish and nostalgia - without the fear of reprisals from your `better half` gnawing at you! Boys will be boys, and, like girls, they just wanna have fun!

For some obscure reason, however, the majority of the male species feel duty-bound to punish the groom for his inexplicable betrayal of the clan. In exchanging his so-called freedom for a life of domesticity, male `tradition` dictates that the transgressor must be made to suffer. The result is often a degraded and much-humiliated bachelor, so inebriated that he is incapable of walking, talking or even looking at the `escort` charged with the impossible task of performing his darkest fantasies. (Call me an idealist, but when a man considers himself ready for matrimony, the thought of surrendering his pride, his morals and his principals in exchange for an evening spent in the dubious company of an overpriced, heavily made-up siren should, surely, hold little appeal?)

So, if you`re a groom and the prospect of a rowdy, no-holds-barred night of humiliation makes you just a little queasy, we`ve compiled a few more creative send-offs. Why not consider these possibilities:

Indoor go-karting has become especially popular, offering an opportunity for adrenaline junkies to get dirty as well as experience life in the fast lane! Trophies and champagne can be enjoyed after the race is won. Let the games begin. Divide the guys into teams and send them through a range of activities that will put their skill and courage to the ultimate test. War games with paint pellets, dirt bikes and 4x4 off-road driving also make for some exciting afternoon fun.

Action cricket is another superb idea for the energetic type, while for the more mellow: a fishing or safari weekend can be planned - complete with beers, braaiing and the unique style of male-bonding that seems to occur only when in the vicinity of hot coals.For the adventure seeker, river rafting on the wild waters of the Zambezi is sure to provide the desired adrenaline rush.

Pub-crawlers on the lookout for something beyond the ordinary should look no further than an open-top double-decker bus. These buses transport a lively, raucous crowd from pub to club - winding their way through the streets under a starlit sky. You certainly cannot get bored, because the scenery constantly changes as you tour the city`s hotspots! Also, no designated driver required - so everyone can safely indulge! Be careful not to overdo it, though: many a furious bride has been known to spend what should have been her wedding night beside her groom`s hospital bed in the wake of stag-night high jinks. It`s your best man`s job to look after you - and you wouldn`t want him to be subjected to your better half`s wrath, would you?

One final word of caution, however. Insist that your bachelor party is planned well ahead of time - rather than a night before the escapade. And don`t feel that you have to compromise your standards just to prove that you`re still `one of the guys`; when you wake up the next morning, guilt and a major hangover are not the only things you`ll have to face.

Above all, your stag night should be an opportunity to have fun, be silly (if you really have to), and bond with the blokes! So, come on, guys: use your imagination! There can be much more to this venerable Rite of Passage than merely getting paralytic and ending up in the gutter!

Article source: LifeWorld



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