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`Roll Camera!` Choosing a good videographer.

Become the star of your very own love story. We show you how to find the `reel` deal when it comes to videographers.

First things first
Before you hire a videographer, find out if the church or chapel you`re using allows videos to be taken. You don`t want to have to go to the trouble of arranging a videographer only to find out that you can`t actually make use of his services!

Back-up basics
Check that the videographer uses professional equipment and has back-up equipment should one or more of the pieces fail to work. Also, find out if your videographer has a back-up partner who can record your wedding should he, for some unforeseen reason, be unable to make it on the day.

Hiring the best
The best way to find someone is usually through `word of mouth`, so ask recently married friends and family. If you select a videographer through an advertisement, however, contact some of the couples he`s worked with before for references.

Testing, testing...
When you meet with a videographer, ask to see complete videos of the weddings he`s recently filmed and not just composites. Things to note include the quality and steadiness of the picture, image sharpness and sound. His editing technique is also important - you should not be able to see when the camera was turned on and off. Shots should vary from wide and medium angles to extreme close-ups. The video should also tell a story and not consist only of a collection of random and unrelated events. Does he include background music, and if so, does it flow with the images on screen.

The compatibility test
If you hire both a photographer and a videographer, find out if they`ve worked together before. If not, you should meet with both of them to discuss their specific roles. After all, you don`t want them falling all over each other to capture every moment. The key is for them to be as discreet as possible. When in doubt, however, the photographer`s shot comes first.

Signed and sealed
Ensure that everything you agree upon is put in writing and signed by both you and the videographer - from the date and time of your wedding; the cost and conditions of payment and length of time he will be at the wedding, to the fee per hour should you request him to stay longer.

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